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PriveInfra is private cyber communication platform for high profile teams in many segments. We make business only with verifiable authorities and companies.

PriveInfra™ means confidence for global business actors in communication security and protection against illegal SS7 intelligence. Our PriveInfra™ gets you covered without ex-filtration vectors. Trust is obsolete, transparency is here.

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Homeland security PriveInfra™ turns into full Critical Communication system with front deployed online situational awareness for TETRA and LTE users.

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Our specialty from homeland security grows into civil crisis management for defense forces. We understand off the grid and independence in systems. Secure communication and situational awareness for multiple operation environments with total indepence and privacy with PriveInfra™.

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XXLSEC PriveInfra

XXLSEC provides PriveInfra tools for your team to operate in cyber enabled world, where trust is replaced with verifiable facts.
First private cyber security infra in the world

Many actors need to ensure their 100% privacy in business or operational critical communication relations. Our range of PriveInfra devices and solutions covers all global business requirements as well as harsh operational environment of different governmental actors in different environments.

XXLSec PriveInfra cyber communication platform is an independent and totally operative environment for chosen groups. It allows them to carry communications and other tasking without relying to normal company IT infrastructure or solutions.

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  • current environment

    Cybercrime extracts up to 20% of the value created by the internet, meaning that as much as US$3tn of global economic value could be at risk by 2020E.

  • Challenge

    Communication using current solutions and service providers, are all under surveillance and monitoring, Terminals are build with backdoors. The "bad guy" is already inside.

  • The risk

    The risk for loosing your business or operation critical information to wrong hands, is always there. Your current solutions are major risk.

  • XXLSEC Priveinfra

    PriveInfra cyber communication platform is source code visible 100% secure communication platform for executive level actors and multinational companies.

Secure Communications with PriveInfra

Solution consists our PriveInfra devices with HUB services, that provides 100% secure communciation platform for your team. Linux based smart phones and tablets equipped with XXLSec PriveOS and state of art speech, messaging and video encryption applications and keyed with certificates from you.

PriveInfra with off the grid networking

Tactical PriveInfra terminals are embbed Linux distribution replacing completely traditional desktop based operating system. Secure streaming and communication in various networks. With X-MESH4240 radios you are able to create an independent and secure communication environment for high profile operations.

PriveInfra situational awareness system (SAS)

Solutions consist PriveInfra terminals with sophisticated tracking and sensor devices and server software, which can be implemented to support various high profile and risk tracking and info-gathering tasks in organization. We deliver system, which stays in your premises and keeps your assets whereabouts confidentially known only for you.

PriveInfra as Service

PriveInfra terminals as service for sensitive business interaction. Perfect executive tool for high end protection of executive whereabouts and secure communication. We deliver solutions as service and you can focus your business.

World tour 2016 - 2017

You can find us from the following exhibitions - More to follow
Mobile World Conference Barcelona Spain 22-25 FEBruary 2016

Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry held in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, 22-25 February 2016.

XXLSEC will launch the PriveCall™ speech encryption accessory for any smart phone and Cyber Communication Platform with high end terminals for all secure comms.

Meet us in Hall 1 at Team Finland Stage!
Security& Policing Farnborough UK 08-10 MARCH 2016

The UK’s Premier Security and Law Enforcement Event 08 – 10 March 2016.

We are proud to introduce in S&P 2016 our latest Tactical Tracking Server MK II with the latest mind blowing Tracking and Information Gathering Devices.

Meet us at stand G60.

Critical Communications World Amsterdam 31 may – 2 june 2016

The world’s leading conference and exhibition dedicated to critical communications. Meet us at Amsterdam 31 May – 2 June 2016 RAI Amsterdam

We are proud to presend encrypted and secure PriveInfra™ communication platform for TETRA users.

Meet us at TETRAsim stand D6.

Security& Policing Farnborough UK 07-09 MARCH 2017

The UK’s Premier Security and Law Enforcement Event 07 – 09 March 2017.

We are proud to introduce in S&P 2017 our latest solution PriveCall 2.0 with file transfer features, and WHITE encrypted tracking devices for high profile tracking solutions.

Meet us in Cyber Zone at stand Z4.

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