Why we differ

You might have signed confidentiality agreements. We tell you how to keep them.

We believe in transparency, hard work and understanding. This is why we are different from most of the vendors doing encrypted communication solutions. Understanding why all mobile platforms are in binary only and why there is silicon with shady API’s brings you to the key point.

In the end, it’s not about encryption strength or protocols used. It’s all about end point security.


The one who controls the end points of your communication, can ex filtrate critical pieces of data from your terminal to compromise your ‘state of the art’ encryption.  That’s why we believe that binary delivered and closed source communication devices are doomed to be insecure. It’s not about decrypting your traffic with brute force, it’s an art of affecting that key in your device memory. And while your device runs binary only processes with root privileges, it becomes quite an easy task for skilled people.



Our solution is End-To-End encrypted and for key exchange between calling parties, it will use certificates and authenticate parties. This means that each SCB device (phone) has its own identity based certificate and all certificates are signed with a root Certificate Authority (CA) certificate.

The trust model of centralized CA has been turned around after you’ve lost your faith in their activities with instances of willingness to intercept your traffic with Man In The Middle (MITM) certificates, which have been kindly signed by your commercial CA vendor.

We firmly believe that you should be in control of your CA and certificate creation process. We can deliver an SCB solution with the capability for you to generate and sign your own certificates to SCB devices. Our air capped SCB keying device uses a hardware random number generator for true randomness in certificate key creation.