PriveHUB™ for PriveInfra devices

XXLSEC PriveInfra™ solution is first and only 100% source code derived communication encryption solution. Meaning that our devices run 100% source compiled PriveOS™ operating system and applications. There is no binary component or other shady parts in implementation. PriveHUB™ is infrastructure element (server) for PriveInfra™ terminals and Prive communication. It allows users to connect PriveHUB™ through various commercial cell networks and it handles behind NAT devices easily. And while PriveHUB™ does not decrypt or open encrypted speech streams, they are always End-To-End encrypted with the solution.

PriveHUB™ appliance for customer own network infrastructure deployments includes ready to deploy PriveHUB™ hardware and software, which can be located to customer private network and infrastructure. Total private and secure solution that relies no third party services.


  • PriveHUB™ for unlimited PriveInfra™ users in own networks
  • Encrypted conference calls via PriveHUB™
  • Customer has full root access to PriveHUB™host
  • Unlimited CA & certificate changes on PriveHUB™ to increase security or team separation

PriveHUB as Service

Service for Customer specific PriveHUB™ infrastructure setup and service. Includes four PriveHUB™ installations just for customer own use. No other PriveInfra™ users are sharing host computer.


  • PriveHUB™ Service allows 20 users in same user group
  • Locations available: NL, GER, US, UK, US, FIN and others on request
  • Encrypted PriveOS™ conference calls via PirveHUB™
  • Customer has full root access to PriveHUB™ host
  • 12 month contract pricing
  • Unlimited CA & certificate changes on PriveHUB™ to increase security or team separation

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