PriveTab™ 7″

XXLSEC Ltd is proud to represent this unique piece of hardware, PriveTab™ 7″, which is running PriveOS™, which is embbed Linux distribution replacing completely traditional desktop based operating system. PriveTAB™ 7″ allows you to concentrate your fully encrypted and meta data free communication with best possible security.

Security level meets the highest possible requirements

XXLSEC End-To-End encrypted communications is build to meet EU/NATO SECRET level of cryptografical standards. Fully transparent and auditable software and operating systems is open for evaluation to any our customers.

Durable and

With this device, you can take your rugged PriveTab™ and start E2E-encrypted call with a press of a button or establish encrypted chat with your team members with same simplicity.

Our offering includes PriveTab™ 10″ (Panasonic FZ-G1) + PriveOS™ + removable keyboard with following packages to serve your mission requirements:


    • PriveCall (calls and confence calls),
    • PriveIM (messages/chat)
    • PriveDocs (file transfer)

This device will work with following networks and can be tailored to various others:

  • Ethernet
  • Cellular networks (3G,4G, LTE)
  • WiFi

For more details: visit our solutions page to more detailed explanation.

Price includes Panasonic FZ-M1 tablet, running XXLSec Ltd developed PriveOS™ embedded Linux operating system with fully transparent XXLSEC own kernel.

PriveTab is available also as 10″ version with similar software features.

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