PriveInfra with Off-The-Grid networking for critical communication

We are representing this unique PriveInfra for professional users who has traditionally carried tools separately and interconnected in various ways into infrastructure and processes.

Tactical Platform


PriveInfra for Homeland Security and Defence

PriveInfra gives your team ultimate 100% secure communicaiton solution and front deployed situational awareness in various of networks.




Off-The-Grid networking

With StreamCaster MN-MIMO (Mobile Network – Multible Input Multible Output) radios you can create a 100% secure and independent mobile network with amazing 80MB/s capability. StreamCaster MIMO is a family of mesh radio products specifically designed to address the growing demand for distributing video and other high bandwidth data in harsh tactical environments. StreamCaster radios, featuring MN-MIMO at the core, join together to form a robust, self-healing, self-forming fluid mesh network. This unique small size anti-jammable tactical radio brings your networking capability to a new level.

The solution is ideal for cost-sensitive applications that require an aggressive form factor with superior communications of voice/video/data in NLOS (Non-Line-Of-Sight) multipath rich environments such as:

  • Broadcast/ENG
  • Operative troops communications
  • Covert surveillance
  • Air-to-air & air-to-ground (manned, or unmanned)
  • Urban ops, requiring video links within a building and with units outside the building
  • Autonomous convoy
  • Ship-to-shore high data rate transfer / comms
  • First Responder urban network / relay
  • Connectivity within mines / tunnels / caves
  • Rescue and civil crises units






Tactical IPTAK tablet with tactical applications

Tactical IPTAK/XPTT with PriveOS is embedded Linux based operation environment, which runs on selected hardware and delivers chosen set of functionality for professional user disposal. Presence of all required tools are virtualized to Tactical PriveTab as an carefully crafted applications and operating procedures.

If user wants to see Map and assets related to mission, he/she is able to press Map button on UI (User Interface). If there is requirement for encrypted voice communication, there is an toggle button to bring voice comm on display. No more starting an applications, finding their properties or other desktop based nonsense. This platform is born from mission requirements and delivers it in simple to use package.

Tactical IPTAK/XPTT tablet is an evolving software product which replaces traditional operating system of selected hardware. It’s complete fast to boot Linux environment which is tailored only to deliver required components for specific mission requirements. Currently we are delivering following packages, which can be selected as part of deployment:

  • COMM Package (includes Encrypted Speech Communication and Push-To-Talk solution)
  • POSITIONING Package (includes Tactical Mapping w/ blueforce positioning)
  • MAP Package (includes locally stored map data of selected regions for total off the grid usage)
  • VIDEO Package (real time video streaming to/from Tactical Terminal units)
  • FILE TRANSFER Package (includes secure file transfer between Cyber Terminals)
  • SENSORS Package (locally deployed sensor reading kit for external sensors; perimeter, radiation etc)
  • INTEL Package (restricted functionality for LEA/INTEL communities)

All these feature packs (except INTEL) can be provisioned over the air to selected PriveInfra units.



Tactical IPTAK/XPTT tablets are networked with IP networks and over various communication channels. It can operate on commercial grade cell networks (3G/4G), professional radio networks with SDS capabilities, SATCOM or commonly available WIFI networking radios. Tactical PriveTab is unique solution to be used in MESH based networks, where whole infrastructure is delivered with deployed teams. MESH networks create serving environment to Tactical PriveTabs, regardless of availability of operator based cell networks (GSM, CDMA etc). PriveInfra is only solution to be operative in totally off the grid environment and within your MESH networked teams.

Networking with XMESH-MIMO radios – The ultimate private and secure solution

XXLSEC LTD is presenting ultimate companion for Tactical PriveInfra solutions, when user requires MESH networking infrastructure within operative regions where no other connection option is available. Our Tactical IPTAK/XPTT brings capability to conduct Situational scope, Tracking, Video streaming, Encrypted communication, File Transfer and Push-To-Talk solution with your own isolated MESH networking environment.

XMESH4240 IP-radio features PTT-2

The XMESH4240 is a latest MIMO enabled radio specifically designed for mesh networking in harsh environments. It measures a mere 4.00” x 2.63” x 1.51” in size and delivers connectivity where traditional single antenna radios fail. This radio utilizes the advanced MN-MIMO waveform to enable true self-adaptive ad-hoc mesh networking without any user involvement. The XMESH4240 automatically self-adapts to deliver data rates as high as +100Mbps UDP across a single link and is fully interoperable with other radios in the XMESH-radio family.

Rethink your mission requirements

If your mission is to deliver your tasking, you are looking to these three buttons. Up most brings Mapping to your view, second is used to reach VoiceComm and third one starts Video Streaming from your unit. There is nothing else to choose, nothing else to struggle with.  No more programs, no more adjustments on mission.

Streaming example from Tactical PriveInfra

Tactical PriveInfra devices can be used for real time Video Streaming just by pressing a button. Pressing camera icon on display, unit will start camera and starts to stream video to termination server, where it can be viewed by multiple recipients. Our demonstration setup is built in NJ, US – where all our Terminals are feeding video:

Video Stream

In this short clip is demonstrated real time video streaming from Tactical PriveInfra unit to termination server, where is connected another laptop (at right) to receive this stream. All traffic is encrypted with automatically engaged VPN connection over LTE connection.










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