XXLSEC is a technology and design house which develops solutions to meet cybersecurity requirements of the new world. XXLSEC solutions are designed to proactively manage cyber risks to all business and operation critical ICT infrastructures.

XXLSEC technology building blocks are clean hardware and software combined with PriveOS and MultiParty Protocol (MPP). The combination of these elements creates the capability of offering highly secured products and a unique development platform. These transparent XXLSEC solutions are designed to face the modern world, where trust must be dealt with in a new way. 

Our multi disciplined global team includes deep level software engineers, hardware experts, security specialists and leading crypto specialists. Privately held and owned by operating management.

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MPC Alliance

XXLSEC is a member of MPC Alliance, which is a group of industry leaders working with Multiparty Computation based digital security. Multiparty computation (MPC) is a mathematical approach to digital security which reduces the dependency on trusted third parties and physically secured devices to maintain the privacy and security of our digital footprints. MPC is a subfield of cryptography which allows multiple parties to compute an output using their private data without ever disclosing their data to each other or any third party, and it is capable of doing so while guaranteeing the correctness of the output even if some parties become corrupt.