About us

We are a trusted team of professionals sharing among us experiences and knowledge of the world that is currently unseen and solutions that are currently unavailable. We have the future security technology available as of today. We are members of Northern country which is known to be independent, technologically advanced and capable of delivering high-end technological solutions.

We have protected our daily business for decades and have benefited from the lessons learned with technology we believe in. Now these achievements are brought to light with XXLSEC LTD – providing knowledge and solutions from our roots.

While we’ve witnessed where this world is heading, we believe that there is demand for regained knowledge and back to basics security. While security has been cannibalized to candy looking devices and user interfaces, with cloud services owned by other people, there is growing space for correctly implemented solutions.

Member of AFDA

XXLSec Ltd is member of Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries AFDA.

Highest Creditworthiness

XXLSEC Ltd belongs to the highest class in the Rating Classification AAA. This level of Classification is achieved only by 3,5% of all companies in Finland.