About us

We are a trusted team of leading global cybersecurity professionals with unparalled experience and deep knowledge of the world that is often unseen or overlooked – even by parties who deem themselves to be experts in this fast evolving field.

Our roots are in a technologically highly advanced Nordic country which is globally recognised for independent and cutting edge solutions. Our experience is unique as we have successfully protected our daily business for decades.

We have developed a unique platform and proprietary products and solutions which have previously not been unavailable in the marketplace. The future of cybersecurity technology is available today - through the XXLSEC platform, products and solutions.

We recognise that security has been compromised by candy looking devices and attractive user interfaces - using cloud services which are owned and controlled by unknown third parties. The global and urgent need for correctly implemented cybersecurity solutions is growing by the day. XXLSEC is positioned as a global leader in this development.

Member of AFDA

XXLSec Ltd is member of Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries AFDA.