Data Rain network


Data Rain solution utilises MESH/MANET high speed IP-networks which can be deployed quickly and easily to any operational environment.

Secure connectivity in multi network situations

Secure connectivity in multi network environments enables MESH/LTE/5G network connections over internet. With XXLSEC MPP protocol multicast encrypted PTT in and cross MESH network domains.

Situational scope and secure applications

Independent applicatons and services to meet all operational requirements: location, video, push-to-talk, chat, document sharing, calls and other tactical solutions available.

Full resiliency

Data Rain solution is designed to be operative even if all other communication infrastructure is down or is not available. MESH-networks create an independent and standalone capability with a private and secure network and relevant applications.

Critical Communications with Data Rain solution

XXLSEC offers secure end-to-end encrypted communication solution suitable for mission critical users in multiple operation environments. Encrypted voice, video, messaging, sensor data and location information over Mobile Networked MIMO (MN-MIMO) waveform IP mesh radio products specifically designed to address the growing demand for distributing loads of encrypted high bandwidth and high throughput IP-data in harsh  environments.

XXLSEC Data Rain MESH network and comms solution join together to form a robust, self-healing, self-forming fluid mesh
network for all user requesting solid and secure communications in all circumstances, regardless of public network inftrastructure. Data Rain system utilizes XXLSEC developed MultiParty Protocol (MPP) for enhanced security with multi-party computation (MPC) cryptotechnologies.

Data Rain is fully independent solution where all the applications and services are provided locally. User segments cover industry, blue light services, SAR, logistics, maritime, critical infrastructure and other authorities.

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Get familiar with Data Rain user solutions in tactical environments

XXLSEC PriveTAK handheld for  DATA RAIN network

PriveTAK is tactical secure terminal, a variant from XXLSEC Proteus hardware. PriveTAK has full security of supply and open code base for any security audits. It is designed for mission critical communication and it enables unique features for secure communication. PriveTAK is pure Linux with open development approach for any application development.

PriveTAK has applications for:

  • Situational scope, including mapping data and location with tactical symbol library
  • MESH network setting quick control
  • Video stream monitoring/dispatcher
  • Encrypted Push-to-talk
  • Calls, chat and file transfer
  • Payload encryption

Image: PriveTAK 5" handheld unit

Possible Network Applications with Data Rain MESH networks

• Global SIGINT resilient communication
• Intelligence sensor data gathering and monitoring
• ISR-operations globally
• Critical Communications globally
• Global encrypted group talk users (PTT) like diplomatic communications
• Firefighters video, PTT and sensor streams
• Healthcare critical communication
• Last mile network connectivity
• Industrial IoT sensor and voice communications in remote sites
• Front deployd video assets back to Command
• Standoff monitoring of multiple HD cameras
• Ship-to-shore communication
• Data Rain UAV solution for encrypted sensor data delivery
• Drone swarming with MPP driven multicast networking
• UAS control and video downlink, elevated MESH repeater
• Vehicle mobile-network applications for video/voice/data
• Fast moving vehicle connectivity like high speed trains
• Autonomous unmanned vessels in maritime operations
• Manned aircraft downlink, elevated MESH repeater with secure payload tunnels
• Any situation where IP devices need to connect wirelessly and secure

Data Rain solution is XXLSEC developed ITAR-free secure critical communication and situational scope system for all operational environments