DataRain™ UAV

Next generation sensory delivery

DataRain UAV is a digital sensory delivery mechanism - removing choke points in sensor data delivery whilst on mission.

While MESH IP-networks are closing the gap in the tactical requirements for IP payload delivery, DataRain provides end-to-end encrypted sensor feeds from unmanned sensory platforms.

MANET/MESH delivered sensor feeds are encrypted at OSI2 level, and dynamic keying facilitates receiver entity restrictions based on single feeds or complete remote kill. This means that your full UAV sensor data can be received by selected receivers only, or only one sensor data stream by named receiver.

Removing choke points from sensory delivery increases operational capability and allows the use of multi spectrum sensory solutions (Optical, SIGINT, CBNR etc).

Traditional UAV sensor delivery

Traditionally UAV sensor data is delivered through a single command and control point, where sensor payload access and forwarding to users is performed.

Datarain UAV’s

Datarain equipped UAVs are networked together and they “rain” the relevant data down directly to front deployed troops.

Datarain in lost control segment situation

DataRain equipped UAVs are capable of performing even in lost control segment situations. They obey programmed flight plans and deliver payload data down to the relevant user segments independently.

DataRain terminals

The receiving infrastructure can be built around specific security requirements, where PriveOS based DataRain terminals offer a solid and secure base for mission critical actions.

PriveOS based receiving nodes support high end XPTT, voice, messaging, file transferring and SIGINT sensor integrations, and off-the-grid functionally is provided from the ground up.