X-MESH Off-The-Grid Network

Our off-the-grid capabilities require no external infrastructure to operate - you decide where you deploy your network and situation scope infrastructure. No internet access is required and no traces are left on the surrounding infrastructure (LTE, Internet, Satellite domain).

X-MESH radios

X-MESH radios represent a unique and totally new approach to cover tactical communication needs for professional users. X-MESH radios don’t need a base station because every node in the network acts as a base station – creating coverage and capacity for the network and communication.

X-MESH is a low latency (avg. 7 ms) OSI2 level IP network, which can be configured to operate from 400 MHz to 6 GHz - giving user throughput over 100 Mbit/s.

X-MESH integrates seamlessly to existing TETRA and LTE networks. It includes all tactical applications which are required for a totally standalone network.

With the X-MESH solution, there is no need to build separate indoor coverage like in traditional networks as every user is de facto a base station. Users create the network when they enter in buildings or underground locations.

Proven and tested

X-MESH based system can be deployed from a single suitcase and it operates autonomously. It can deliver end-to-end encrypted full duplex voice communication, facilitate Push-To-Talk (X-PTT), and provide live image feeds from field operatives. Moreover, it carries multiple other tactical applications like sniper control.

Based on PriveOS

The X-MESH system components are based on our proprietary PriveOS – creating the first secure tactical and application stack for operations. Trying to deploy office infrastructure to operations is not a secure or practical solution.

Designed to be truly tactical

The XXLSEC approach to tactical operations is like fridge light - it does its job without too much hassle. In case you face any trouble, you are fully equipped to deal with the issue and replace the “light” if so needed.