We are minority in creating resilience in todays networked world. We dis-attach you from normal and handle one percent of your high value information assets. We eliminate META DATA from your communication and secure what you have to deliver.

Current Cyber is lost domain

We don’t carry your social life and we cannot post moments to share. Our job is to keep your facts away from prying adversaries and technologies governments and rogue groups are using.

You cannot protect any existing systems and therefore our clients have moved away from them. You don’t believe in Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal and other non-sense, they are simply insecure for high value communication.

Firewalls and Virusscanners does not help

We present current Cyber Dilemma - where you understand why all currently available Operating Systems, Firewalls and Virus scanners are vectorized by various state sponsored actors and utilized over domains by rogue groups.

Since none of the current systems are complete transparent, they create pool of ‘known unknowns’ and being aware what’s going inside your Operating System or Firewall is impossible to know. And when you don’t know, you start to trust.

And Trust does not create security.


Our solution is offered to you in complete. It’s solution for an unresolved. Contact us to arrange personal meeting and to get insight to our diverting minds.