Cybersecurity – delivered with resilience & sustainability

XXLSEC delivers cybersecurity solutions with resilience and sustainability in today’s connected and networked world. We detach high value information assets from the exposure to cybersecurity risks, and among other things, eliminate meta data from the communication flow - thereby protecting and securing what need to be delivered.

Current cyber space – a lost domain?

We need to be conscious of the risks associated with our professional communication and the use of social media in our private lives. XXLSEC mission is to keep your information away from threat actors and technologies which cyber attackers might be using.

Existing platforms and systems are heavily exposed to multiple cyber risks. As a result people have become increasingly security conscious in the use of applications like Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal and many others - they are simply insecure for high value communication.

Firewalls and virusscanners do not help

At the heart of today’s cyber dilemma is the fact that currently available operating systems, firewalls and virus scanners are vectorized by various threat actors and frequently utilized by unknown rogue groups.

Since none of the current systems are completely transparent, they create a pool of ‘known unknowns’ – and therefore knowing what’s going on inside your operating system or firewall is simply impossible. And if you don’t know, you end up just trusting - but trust does not create security.