Embedded Linux with INFOSEC

INFOSEC experience

Our team has years of OPSEC and INFOSEC experience from the most demanding circumstances. Moreover, we understand why applications for your smartphone are formed in a certain way, the issues with binary blobs and unattended upgrades of power. We turn all of this understanding into a unique development drive with hard core embedded electronics and Linux expertise. We deliver products on several alternative architectures with truly extraordinary and superior functionality.

As our solutions and devises are not exposed to any black elements, and we are not downloading binary drivers or Android or iOS SDK’s from unknown countries - we are able to develop, produce and deliver without compromising security.

This means that we are able to offer fully secure and customized solutions for high security needs for multiple purposes – be it for governmental needs or industrial customers. XXLSEC can support Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS) and solutions for IoT and machine-to-machine communication needs.

Customised projects

We are frequently working on customised projects for the most demanding global customers. Their requirements are well beyond any solutions currently provided by their current suppliers. To reach this level we cross domains in networks, produce solutions with unique tactical benefits to address forensic and other threats, and remove meta data in communication.