Privecall TX

Secure communication device

Privecall TX is a next generation mobile device with clean hardware design to meet the highest security requirements for mobile computing and communication. It is a variant of XXLSEC Proteus secure mobile hardware (PDF).

Privecall TX runs PriveOS, vanilla Linux kernel based Operating System and selected software elements. Please read more from XXLSEC Github >>

Privecall TX uses infrastructure which the user knows and controls.

Privecall TX delivers secure calls, chat and document sharing to all users who need to protect their communication from modern cyber threats.

Privecall TX device provides full protection against phishing, malware, ransomware, rogue app, supply chain attack, unauthorised third party access, backend infra attacks, and gathering of meta data on the user.


Designed for securing business and operation critical communication

  • PriveOS

    Vanilla Linux kernel based hardened Operating System

  • Clean hardware design

    XXLSEC designed and manufactured device with fully transparent components

  • Empowered by MPP protocol

    Security protocol which enables end-to-end secure IP-traffic with multiparty identity and security key managment

  • Github repository

    More details available at Github >>

  • Voice calls

    Secure voice calls from device to device. IP-voice communicaiton without reliance on VoIP or VPN technologies

  • Chat and messaging

    Instant messaging between two Privecall users

  • File transfer

    Secure document can be shared between two Privecall devices. Manage your documents with your normal laptop and send them using Privecall TX

Protecting sensitive meta data

Privecall TX utilizes meta data free technology, which protects sensitive personal information.
This means better communication security.


Form factor Handheld device
Size 78x150x15 mm
Case Aluminium
Display 5″ Touch Screen
Processor iMX6 Quad
Memory 1 GB RAM, 8 GB (eMMC)
Battery 3500mAh, micro USB for charging
Connectivity 100 Mbit/s wired ethernet
Audio Internal & HF
Buttons Power, Volume, Screen lock
Operating System PriveOS
Manufactured Finland by XXLSEC

Secured user interface