Use cases and scenarios

Secure network connections in global business communication

A global company in areas of strategic advisory and services, wanted to secure their sensitive communication from industrial espionage, since they operate in many very risky countries. XXLSEC delivered Privecall solution for top management communication purposes and cipher boxes for business critical connections between offices in global scale replacing VPN connections.


Cost effective authentication and IDC SECURED connections in mining industry process

The industrial production process with all the networked components it includes was requested to secure with easy and cost effective method, IDC-technology is there to deliver the solution by replacing PKI and VPN in secure networking environments and offering secure blockchain based authentication for entire industrial process including all networked components – sensors, routers, network, cloud services…


Secure authentication in global IoT-network

A global company operating in transport device industry wanted to secure all their solutions delivered to end users. IDC driven Cipher Boxes securing connectivity with delivered devices. Target to ensure service and maintenance data secure transfer globally.


Critical Communication in public safety

Our customer in public safety was lacking connectivity problems with LTE network coverage and modern video driven communication services. Data Rain critical comms solution was delivered to create additional coverage to areas where ever the they operate. Full resiliency and operation capability in all situations.