Ransomware attacks increased 97% in last two years.

In Cyber security news by XXLSEC

Ransomware attacks are one of the hot topics to enterprises and organisations operating their own LAN and WAN networks.

Security of Operating Systems are not sufficient and it enables injecting a single computer with Ransomware and after that there is typically now means how to prevent spreading in LAN segment.

XXLSEC has a solid solution for LAN and WAN security. MACSec is layer 2 encryption offering separate encryption groups inside network. This means a critical application servers, computers, sensors can be isolated from malicious and vulnerable computers with public internet access. It also prevents intruder to move laterally in the network. XXLSEC CipherBox technology with MPP protocol can solve the problem which has been there since MACSec was born. There is no good enough technologies to share securely and cost efficient MACSec keys. Now with MPP protocol secure key exchange and delivery can happen easy and fast. This solves a fundamental problem with layer 2 security on enterprise networks.

This creates secure encrypted layer 2 for critical systems, like SCADA or other Industrial Control System (ICS) system, in enterprise networks.

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