Privecall™ off-the-grid infrastructure

XXLSEC Privecall infrastructure is the bedrock for a standalone and transparent communication capability. This means that regardless of the networks available at your location, you can either carry it with you or access it through your own communication infrastructure. XXLSEC can deliver safe communication infrastructure to your hands and data centre locations for the strictly internal use of your organization.


Privecall infrastructure can be carried along in operations - delivering the needed communication regardless of other networks which may be available in your location. Privecall usage does not leave any network fingerprints to commercial networks.

Privecall infrastructure enhances preparedness for situations where national infrastructure may have failed in cases of an unexpected emergency or a natural disaster. It can be used to replace more expensive satellite-based communication solutions within crisis areas.

Clean hardware design

XXLSEC devices are equipped with transparent hardware components only – without including any binary blobs. We do not accept any closed black box elements or CPU solutions.

Manufactured in Finland

XXLSEC clean hardware devices are manufactured in Finland under tried and tested production lines. Security of supply is prioritised as a key consideration and a fundamental operating principle for XXLSEC production.

Transparent software

Like hardware, all XXLSEC software solutions are fully transparent to source code level. This creates full source code auditability at all levels – be it the kernel, the Hardware Adaptation Layer (HAL) level, operating system and application levels.