XXLSEC manufactured tactical GSM anonymizer - called TACANO - represent Tactical Cut Out Element for OPSEC purposes. It cuts out the meta data traffic between communication parties and enhances operational capability to maximum level.

TACANO is designed to be a front deployed capability to increase your HUMINT OPSEC and deliver sensor payloads without any trackable traces between the sender and the receiver. TACANO creates protection against SS7 and IMSI-catcher intelligence and also against CDR-analysis.

TACANO is the only non-attributable cut out device available in the marketplace which is handled by field operatives. It’s crucial from security standpoint that you do not store important assets – relying on some third party service or telecommunication system. This is simply because you just cannot determine how vectorized such providers might be.

Sensor payload delivery

Delivering sensory payload might be a difficult task if you require non attributable delivery from an undisclosed location to an undetermined destination. However, with TACANO deployed on delivery chain, you keep a small embedded unit in your hands to perform the required cut out for the communication. TACANO increases operational security and team whereabouts do not create security exposure.

Solution for HUMINT Sources

TACANO is only non attributable cutout device which is handled by field operatives. It’s crusical that you do not store asset - handler relation to any third party service or telecommunication system. Because you just cannot trust how vectorized such an organizations might be.