Why World is Broken?

Todays Cyber operations we are loosing control of Platforms and they are targeted by external entities in ways which creates ‘known unknowns’ - artifacts which we know are influencing to computing and especially encryption functionality inside these binary only Operating Systems.

Beside of this root cause, there is biggest ongoing change in telecommunication, mobility and IoT field, where traditional Telecommunication is transforming to more Application based solutions. This alone takes communication payload off from national infrastructure and makes it crossing borders transparently, it makes phone number obsolete and when everything moves to IP world – it’s all about IP transportation after this.

National legalization and methods for monitoring, securing and accessing these streams will turn partly impossible. Traditionally national telecommunication interception functionality has required court order – but in new world this requirement (and possibility) is dimming out of local governments. Your communication has become an asset, acting under foreign legalization and possibly countries unidentified. Due this, your telecommunication looses also protection in legal point of view.

So intelligent smart phones are actually intelligence smart phones.

Offensive Cyber attack tools built on currently available binary platforms are recycled sooner or later. So if you don’t worry about it now, because your friendly relations – you should start worrying, because soon someone less friendly recycled capability against you, for sure.