Why the world is broken

Today’s communication platforms have lost control and they are constantly targeted by external parties creating a set of ‘known unknowns’ - artifacts which directly influence both computing and especially encryption functionality inside the operating systems.

There is also a fundamental change taking place in telecommunication. Traditional telecommunication is being transformed through application based solutions. This will reduce the use of national infrastructure and make phone numbers obsolete over time. National borders are being crossed transparently and there is an accelerating move to the IP world – and therefore IP transportation becomes the focus of attention.

National legislation and traditional methods for monitoring, securing and accessing these communication streams will become very difficult, and in many instances impossible. In the old world national telecommunication interception required a court order – in the new IP driven world this requirement for court order is out of reach for the local authorities – and the result is that telecommunication has lost its traditional legal protection.

Cyber professionals know that offensive cyber attack tools built on currently available binary platforms will be recycled sooner or later. Perhaps this does not worry you just now – but you may need to start worrying about it soon. Some of this recycled capability may be targeted against sooner than expected.